The 40 Defining Moments of Olamide’s Career

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Olamide did not blow overnight, but instead his success can be credited to hard work, mature business savvy, being in the right place at the right time, and a little bit of controversy. Olamide remained patient and learned the music game while awaiting his moment in the spotlight. His sacrifices proved to be worth it when he finally was given the chance to exhibit his potential. Olamide is now one of Nigeria’s top performers! Whether it’s catching the attention of rapper, Wale, never failing to impress viewers with his fashion trends, or releasing music videos that showcase Nigeria’s beauty, Olamide can be associated a high echelon of quality. Although plenty of effort has been put forth by Olamide to reach his superstar status, below are the top 40 instances that have defined his career.

1. Hanging Out at Coded Tunes Studio


Date: Between 2007 and 2009

It is not news to most Olamide fans that he was a frequent visitor to ID Cabassa’s Coded Tunes studio, even though Cabassa did not have the time to record any of his songs; there were a few artists such as 9ice, Reminisce, 2Phat and more ahead of Olamide on the priority list. This did not deter him from frequenting the studio and attempting to learn and record music.



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