5 questions you must ask yourself to reset your life for better

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Don’t let worry overwhelm you

Life as they say is what you make of it. Life as they say is what you choose to believe. Life as they say is a mindset. Life is this, life is that.

And with those things said about life, one undeniable truth that is not so desirable yet inevitable is – there are highs and lows in life. Even the most spiritual are not completely spared of this harsh truth.

Just in case you are beating yourself up and wondering what happened to your goals. Chill. Nothing supernatural or unexplainable happened. Life simply happened. At some point in time it happens to all inevitably. Thankfully, it is never the end of anyone whenever it happens. So cheer up!

It is important to also note that when we say life happened, it does not exclude positive things or events. Without the positives, the ‘high and low’ in life claim will be untrue.

So now that things seem like the aftermath of Hiroshima in your life, don’t fret. Ask these five life enhancing questions. They are capable to shake you back to focus, moving and living.



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